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Time-zone: London/Dublin

(Last download from Mon 5-Jun-2023 12:06 AM)

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& Time
Title & Details
Wednesday 19 April 2023 Goto Top
Big Top
10:00 AM
to 12:45 PM
Main Stage - Saturday

Main stage description ....

(Audio file is on Dropbox)

Who: Main stage speaker

Updated: 2023-04-19T12:19:30+01:00

Seminar 1 Tent
2:00 PM
to 3:00 PM
Seminar talk 1

Description ...

(Audio is on Madapps/pythonanywhere server)

Who: Fred

Updated: 2023-06-05T00:06:14+01:00

Seminar tent 2
3:00 PM
to 4:00 PM

Seminar 2

Who: Mark

Updated: 2023-04-19T12:05:21+01:00

Big Top
7:00 PM
to 9:30 PM

Evening main stage talk .....

(Audio file is on

Who: Evening speaker

Updated: 2023-04-19T12:19:10+01:00

& Time
Title & Details
Thursday 20 April 2023 Goto Top
12:00 AM
to 11:59 PM
(All-Day event).

Who: Fred

Updated: 2023-04-19T12:05:33+01:00


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