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As well as the built in tables available for both membership and 'sign-in' you have the option of using your current or 'favourite' tools - and just incorporate them into the App. Here is an example of how that might work for you:

1/ If you currently use a 'paper' version of Group sign-ins (if only you could put your hand on that folder) then here is an opportunity simply to streamline the process. We have created a basic 'attendance record' document in Google Sheets but you could use our own favourite online spreadsheet. Here is a link to the one we have 'baked' earlier.  

2/ You can share the Google 'attendance' sheet on to a page that is only available to your 'leaders'. And if you want to secure it further, you can also add a security/page code to the sheet.

3/ Because you will make the Google sheet 'shared' - several of you leaders can do the 'check-in' process at the same time - on their own phones or tablets.

4/ Later analysis and review of the attendance is probably best done on your computer for visual ease and assessment.

5/ Guest attendees can be easily accommodated on a one-off or occasional basis by simply adding them to the bottom of the list. (Contact or parental details can be put in the 'note' field for the 'cell'.

6/ Adding a 'special event' is as simple as inserting a new column in the sheet.

7/ 'Hiding' the previous or future columns/dates is very easy to do - so that for the check-in procedure on the evening only the one/relevant column is showing.

8/ You can break down your table into various 'semesters' or seasons as you see fit and place them in separate tabs, etc.

9/ You can of course use other online spreadsheets... like Cognito, Zoho, Microsoft 365, etc - or just link to your 'Church Suite' software

10/ But they're not all 'free' so......if you don't have a Google account...why not??  :-)