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Welcome to Summer Madness TOTAL RECALL 2020

We are so glad to have you with us at the festival. As we gather from across Ireland, from differing backgrounds, dominations and cultures, we are excited to worship, learn and grow together - and discover more about the big picture of church, life, faith and our place in God's world.

We have a packed line up of seminars and workshops in the afternoons and a bountiful supply of musicians and venues to keep you entertained in the evenings. We’ve also ramped up the fun activities, sport, art and amazing craftworks to give you the chance to pick up new skills along the way!

The Madness experience is going to be what you make it!  There's loads on offer - and you get to decide how to shape it. Give youself some time and space to wrestle with the new encounters, ideas, and people; but most especially time to let God speak into your situation.

*We love the app, but it's subject to change, and the information in it is not neccesarily set in stone*