MadApps - An App for Your Youth-group or Church

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On-line presence is increasingly important to communicate with your youth-group and church members, especially with the ongoing covid19 social-distancing. This customisable Mad-App is a convenient place to put all the links for your youth-group or church, with optional push notifications. You can create webpages, include links to your church/youth group website, announcements, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Teamup-calander, Zoom/Meet/Teams links, etc.

The 'MadApp' can can be either installed as a native app for Android from the Google Play app store or for iPhone/iPad from the Apple App store or used as a Progressive Web App, that can be viewed in web-browser on Windows/MacOs/Linux/Chromebook/Android/iOS/Smart-TV. (On Android and desktop the webbrowser can show push notifications. On iOS (iPhone/iPad) the webbrowser cannot display push notifications, whereas the installed native app can display push notifications.)


For fuller instructions to get 'under the hood' of the App you can follow these explainer videos.

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