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WELCOME to the Psalms app, we hope that you will be inspired by God's word and encouraged to maintain a regular habit of seeking His Presence, power and wisdom.  We hope this helps you meditate on the scriptures and grow closer to God. There are 30 chapters reviewed here - which will give you a month to work through them - one a day.
Or if you want this to last through LENT you could read 5 each week and that would bring you all the way through the six weeks of Lent - up to Easter. You might have noticed that the coloured icons are grouped in batches of five ;-)

When you have read or listened to a particular Psalm the colour of the menu bar will go grey. This will be just to remind you that you've completed that Chapter. You can also 'Reset' all of the chapters back to 'unread' on the 'ABOUT' page at the bottom of the menu.