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Summer Madness Total Recall WebApp

Total Recall app containing details and audio from the Summer Madness Festivals.

You can add this Web-App to your phone's home screen: At this app's Main menu:
  • On Android tap the 3 vertical dots at top right, then from the drop-down menu, select "Add to Home Screen".
  • On iOS tap the Share button (a square with upwards-arrow), then select "Add to Home Screen".

Or even better: install the app your phone/tablet from:

Android play store
The Google Play store

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) app store.
Apple App Store

Android has notifications for WebApps. iOS has introduced notifictions from iOS/iPadOS 16.4, but you need to enable it in iOS.

This is the Total Recall Audio recordings from the Summer Madness NI festivals.

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For further help and support, you can email: or phone: 07788562340